Easy unlock, lock, repair IMEI,
    manage S-ON & S-OFF states!
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    One E9+ / One M9 / M8c
    and many others

About XTC 2 CLIP

XTC 2 Clip is the latest phone servicing tool for HTC devices. It allows you to perform unlock, lock, repair IMEI and other procedures on HTC mobile phones. XTC 2 Clip consists of a main device with a flex cable, having a micro-SD emulator on its end.

Main XTC 2 Clip Features:

  • Unlock subsidy lock
  • Relock phones
  • Change CID, including super-CID
  • Repair IMEI /IMEI2 (for Dual SIM phones)
  • Repair MEID / Repair MEID2 (for Dual SIM phones)
  • Manage security flag (S-ON, S-OFF)
  • Downgrade / upgrade firmware
  • Support for legacy phones (gold-card analog)
  • Direct bootloader unlock (no need to register on HTC website)
  • Full access to support area with all flash files for all HTC phone models
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How It Works

Connect XTC 2 Clip to SD card slot (it may be located on the left, right or rear (battery) part of your phone). If there is no SD card slot in your phone – you need to use Y-cable.

XTC 2 Clip supports two modes of operation:

  • Direct mode
  • Offline mode

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